FREE Digital Marketing Health Check

Sponsored By: Horizon Power Partnered By: Monday Media
Does your Business need a
Digital Marketing Health Check???
EKCCI has 20 FREE digital assessments to grant to successful applicants thanks to an initiative from
Horizon Power “Vibrant Regional Businesses” – a community-led investment program.

We saw when Covid-19 hit the hardest, consumers were looking for even more information online. Zoom, Tele and Video Health, more business than ever had turned to digital marketing to help promote their business and use as a platform to advertise their services and sell their products.

Simply click the link below to apply by answering an easy 5 minute questionnaire, and should you be successful EKCCI and Monday Media will be in touch.

Why Does my business need a Digital Marketing Health Check?

Digital Marketing Health Check is an easy way to help you to understand your business’s current digital health and provides practical advice to improve.

Areas accessed such as;
target audience watching
increase brand awareness
brand identity
your website
your online marketing – both organic and paid social media advertising
social media platforms

A successful business needs a strong brand that is advertised to the right people, at the right time, on the right platform. That’s always the goal. 👌

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