Argyle Diamonds

The last day of mining at Argyle, on the traditional country of the Miriuwong, Gidja, Malgnin and Wularr people – was 3 November 2020. This marked the beginning of the transition to the lengthy and detailed closure process. Argyle has a mine closure plan, that outlines our approach to decommission the mine, reshape and rehabilitate the land, preserve ecological and cultural heritage values, support future land uses by Traditional Owners and ensure a smooth transition for the local community. We expect it will take three to five years to dismantle the operational infrastructure, reshape the land and undertake revegetation activities to enable the re-establishment of a natural ecosystem. We will engage a number of contractors to undertake the work required to rehabilitate the site with a strong focus on local employment and contracting. After closure, the land will be returned to the Traditional Owners as the custodians of Country, for activities such as cattle grazing, tourism, cultural use and possibly small scale agriculture and native food production. We have worked closely with local communities, businesses and government to understand the impacts of closure and prepare communities for the transition after almost four decades of mining.