Alta-1 College Ltd

Alta-1 Kimberley College is an non-government alternative education provider that exists to empower young people who are marginalized by mainstream education, are at significant disadvantage and are therefore at educational and emotional risk. Students may also be at risk of entering the criminal and/or justice system or are already within the system. Whilst the overall objective is to bring community transformation, the College’s purpose is to focus on “the one”, providing targeted and tailored individual strategies to engage students back into education and provide pathways that enable students to reach their full potential. The focus is to build relationship and trust, enabling students to truly belong in a safe and caring environment. Students are empowered to make healthy decisions and life choices. Students are encouraged to be difference makers in their own families and spheres of influence. The purpose is to capacity build emerging leaders, whether students, families, volunteers, staff or the those in the wider community. Alta-1 Kimberley College is a partner orientated organisation, seeking to serve alongside other agencies, government initiatives and individuals to bring long lasting change.