Shire Of Wyndham East Kimberley

The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley (SWEK) comprises 121,000 square kilometres and is the eastern gateway to the Kimberley. The economy of SWEK is diverse. It encompasses a range of industries including agriculture, tourism, forestry, mining and aquaculture.

SWEK works in partnership with the governments, community, businesses and peak bodies such as the East Kimberley Chamber of Commerce and Industry to support and foster economic development in the region. One of SWEK’s key priority projects is the upgrade of the business precinct and runway extension at the East Kimberley Regional Airport.

This project requires the extension of the runway to at least 2350 metres (currently 1829 metres), widening of the runway to 45 metres (currently 30 metres), and upgrades to lighting, taxiways, aprons and communications infrastructure.

The completion of this project will enable the region to be serviced by larger, more efficient planes such as the A320 and B737. This is expected to drive sustainable jobs outcomes in the region through enhanced economic development in sectors such as agriculture and tourism.